The smallest squared tessera for mosaic applications worldwide.

In modern arts, the focus is on surfaces rather than coverings. Architecture is outlined, structured, and defined by materials themselves. In this subtle play of atmospheres, recalls and cultural references, “new materials” provide designers with extraordinary expressiveness. This is why DG Mosaic created Tilla®, a diamond-cut glass tessera that beautifully enhances ambiances and objects. Each Tilla® (1.5×1.5×1 mm) is a perfect blend of arts and innovation, made of more than 17 nanolayers of infinitesimal thickness.

As the light gazes at its own reflection on glass, millions of picotesserae create infinite shades and nuances.

A flexible, versatile, and clever material that boasts unparalleled expressive and sensory features.


All-Italian quality, craftsmanship, intelligence, and exclusivity. The work of our skilled craftsmen and professionals is enriched by the values of an all-Italian style, which are embedded in all of DG Mosaic’s products.

DG Mosaic is the only company worldwide to offer tailor-made mosaics created out of any image source (picture, drawing, digital file), with superior customisation in terms of colour nuances, shapes, and application. Thanks to our exclusive technology, we are the only company to offer mosaics created out of glass orthogonal picotesserae ranging from 1.5 to 7 mm.

Our products feature virtually unlimited decoration and nuance customisation. To achieve this result, we deploy highly decorative precious foils (nacre, silver, or gold) as well as exclusive 24kt gold and pure silver 999 foils.

With our materials, 1 m2 of mosaic weighs 2.5 to 3 kg only. This makes it the most lightweight glass mosaic component on the market, and caters for extra flexibility both in product handling and application. Thanks to its superior performance, our material is also the perfect choice for ceiling applications, and for decorating boats and yachts.

Being only a few millimetres thick, DG Mosaic’s materials can be laid directly on existing surfaces, with no complex pre-laying preparation or construction work required. This helps with reducing costs, overall turnarounds, and confusion on the laying site.

DG Mosaic’s products are ISO certified, and the company operates according to the most up-to-date regulations.