Studio Rotella

Sergio Fabio Rotella
Sergio Fabio Rotella (Catanzaro, 1963) is an eclectic architect, living and working in Milan. In 1989, Rotella obtained a master’s degree at Domus Academy, Milan. From 1990 to 1995, Rotella worked as a project coordinator for Atelier Mendrini, and managed several prominent events and projects in the fields of architecture, design, and arts.
In 1996, Fabio founded Studio Rotella – a creative factory that offers architecture, design, and image consulting services to businesses worldwide. His work is inspired by the nuanced language of applied arts, and results in evocative projects featuring a strong identity and superior expressiveness.

Flavia Aprilini
Flavia Aprilini (Rome, 1987) is a designer at Studio Rotella in Milan. Flavia and architect Sergio Fabio Rotella co-author the new collections as of 2017. Flavia has been working with several Italian and international design studios since 2013. The resulting collections feature a multifaceted Made in Italy feel that reflect her versatile approach to design.
Flavia Aprilini studied industrial and product design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Barcelona, and Milan.
She is driven by an innate interest for cultures near and far. She loves creating innovative objects by combining different materials and exploring new production techniques.


Lots of great things have happened with Tilla since we first met: astonishment, happy thoughts, followed by ideas, mysterious objects, sculptures, tactile tables, experiments, and prototypes. This exciting adventure holds a world of joyful creativity, imagination, vision and technology, crafts, freedom and scrupulousness – a world of functional and dys-functional concepts.
I was soon hooked by the idea of creating unusual and surreal scenarios where TILLA – the core of DG Mosaic’s refined and eclectic glass material – meets special items and furnishing, and initiates a wonderland of shapes, colours, and juxtapositions!
Fabio Rotella