Roberta Scumace

Architect, born in 1986.
Roberta graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano in 2011, and has been exploring the language and meaning of materials and projects ever since. Her quest is supported by a curious, critical, challenging, and cultured approach to design and innovation.
Roberta’s collaboration with DG Mosaic started back in 2014, and she has since acquired a thorough understanding of the company’s technical and manufacturing processes. Building upon that knowledge, in 2016 she developed her first collection: TRAME.

Roberta’s versatile interests and her post-graduate studies in digital marketing and communication result in a multifaceted approach to product design and presentation – a peculiar skills set that delights the interior design studios she works with.
Her favourite colour is blue.


“With TRAME, I wanted to create a formal framework for mosaics to become something new. Something that made it possible for people to imagine, to ‘see more’. And beyond.

The charm of this collection prominently lies in the passion that inspired it, and in the visions it brings to life. Tangibly.
This is, in my opinion, the mission of present-day design: building upon simple shapes to unveil something that is yet to be seen. Because the contemplating eye is at the core of all emotions.
Any form of creation needs motives and motifs.
My simple yet precious TRAME are just that.”