Anna Pennati

Over the last 25 years, Anna Pennati has successfully explored a wide range of inspirations, media, and styles – and has consolidated her role in modern arts with more than 50 exhibitions worldwide.

A former art teacher, Anna graduated from the Accademia di Brera. Her work is cherished by several prominent art collectors and personalities including Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, former President of the French Republic. She lives and works in Milan.

With her Oracles series, Anna Pennati engages in an intimate conversation with her audience. Her monumental installations recall the mystique of ancient sanctuaries, and serves as a physical connection point between a “higher knowledge” and the innate “need to know” of human beings.

Her art transcends the traditional concept of metaphysics to make it real, tangible, alive and relevant in the present.


With her Oracles, Anna Pennati brings mystic anthropomorphic entities to life on monumental surfaces. The solid, uninterrupted lines of the black marker testify to the creative process, from idea to the artist’s hand.

The precious decorations, rich colours, and chromatic vibrations that characterise DG Mosaic’s material have inspired the artist, providing her with a unique and powerful expressive medium.

Just like an ancient oracle, Anna Pennati’s imagination has interpreted our Tilla® picotessera wisely, imbuing this innovative material with new meanings.