DG Mosaic’s fine materials can be used to create exclusive backlit projects such as evocative stain-glass windows, luminous sculptures, or impressive glass walls. TILLA® picotesserae feature extraordinary transparency, catering for a whole new range of applications, unrivalled emotional impact and unprecedented chromatic effects.

DG Mosaic exclusive backlit technology combines TILLA® with laminated glass, as alternative it is possible to use opaline  glass or double face mosaic.

Backlit mosaics are sold only as preassembled panels with maximum dimensions of 1440 x 2880 mm.
Backlit mosaics has to be installed only by DG Mosaic certified installators.
Lighting sources can be fluorescent bulbs as well as LED.  Keep the lighting source 20-30cm far from the mosaic to guarantee a correct light diffusion.